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About Me
Hello, I'm Gen (short for Geneviève; I'm French, from Ontario, Canada). I have no problem admitting I'm 30, though I really don't feel like it (does anyone really feel their age anyway?!).

About the Blog
I think my blog name is pretty descriptive- Color Me Domestic. I like to blog about home organization, DIY projects, sewing, a bit of cooking (but not too much since I'm really not that great of a cook), tips and tricks, with crafts thrown in the mix. I'm also really into technology (an other reason why this blog was born) and like to share some tips about that too.

I will try my best to give a tutorial/how-to or point to one when showing you what I made. I am here learning all this new crafty and DIY business too, and I understand how helpful tutorials can be- knowing where to get the materials, why I chose to do it a particular way, exactly how it was made. If you think you have a better way of doing something, please don't hesitate in sharing with me. As I said, I am learning, I don't know what the heck I'm doing most of the time! And I'm probably too lazy to do proper research ;)

A few posts that are a little more personnal:
Blog Tag

A few posts about the blog:
New Blog Direction

If you wish to contact me for any reason, please do so at colormedomestic at gmail dot com. I love and appreciate any feedback/ constructive criticism!!

Welcome to my blog, and happy reading!

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