No mess trash cans with binder clips

I dunno about you, but I personally hate wrestling with the trash bag when it's getting full so the flaps stay put around the trash can and so they don't fall inside the trash bag and get all yucky.

It didn't help that our trash bags were too small for our trash can, either; don't ask, long story short: wasn't us who bought them. But with a box of 100 bags, I didn't want to let them go to waste.

I'd try a few things to remedy our problem, but nothing was very effective, until I found this VERY useful trick. It was part of a list of different uses for binder clips. Those things don't just hold papers together, see the list for more ideas.

My trick today is this: use binder clips to hold up your trash bag inside your trash can! Simple: yes! Effective: most definitely YES! Seriously, it has saved a bit of my sanity.

Not showing you exactly how awesome this trick is in use, because I'm sure you all don't want to see my trash, am I right?

I got the 3rd smallest binder clips at the dollar store. The 2nd smallest fit too, only had 2 of that size on hand, which worked ok, but figured 4 would work better. When I went to buy more but this size was the only ones that were colourful :) And color wins over black for me any day.

This size also fits fine between the 2 layers of the trash can: the removable can and its container if you will, if you can see from the picture above. Any bigger and I dunno if they would work.

If you're wondering how you can remove the binder clips once the trash is full without getting your hands all yucky, well for me, I know I can't fill it more than the height were the binder clip arms reach, or else I can't tie the bag. So it's really not a problem since nothing should reach or touch them.

Hope this trick is useful to someone else!

Thanks for reading :)

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