Peeking Tulips

Guess what greeted me last Friday as I came home? These:

Yup, my tulips are finally poking out of the ground!! I realize it’s probably late, my parents are saying their’s are 4 inches tall, but I think it’s because of the lack of sunlight we get in our backyard.

Anyway, I’m super thrilled, because I was really afraid they wouldn’t grow at all, that I had waited too long to plant them last fall. It was end of November that I did so. The ground was of course not frozen yet; we got a very short winter this year.

This is our little plot of soil in our backyard. I know it’s not super great, but better than what we had at our last place, and for a apartment it’s not bad.

So what I did last fall was just dig a trench about 4-6 inches deep.

I had LOTS of bulbs, as you can see. Some seemed rather rotten, though...

I just lined them up in the trench, pointy side up...

...and then I buried them. (that's half way buried btw) I don't know if I buried them a little too deep and that's why they took their time sprouting... But it might also have prevented them from being dug up by the pesky resident squirrels we got around. They seem to dig only an inch then get tired. And they never dig right where the tulips are either...

Here’s the story of how I got those bulbs for free. Every year in Ottawa (my home town), there’s the Tulip Festival in May. They plant thousands of tulips. It’s kinda sad I’ve never actually went to see them, I really should.

source: Ottawa Tulip Festival, photo by Frank Scheme

source: Ottawa Tulip Festival, photo by Frank Scheme

After every festival, they dig up the bulbs and dispose of them :( Somehow, our neighbor manages to get ahold of them, and gives them a second home. That is how I came to have these bulbs.

I’ve got 3 rows on my plot, I know you can’t really tell, but yeah, there are.

Only thing is I was scared they had gotten too humid and had rotten. I’m sure they won’t all bloom, but most of them should.

I have no idea what color they will be. Ready to be surprised with me later in the season?! I’ll post pictures when they bloom.

There's only 5 out right now, I'm hoping to see more soon, but with -5 degree C weather (24 degree F) here this morning I dunno when that will be really. Canadian weather is such a tease; 25 degree C last week (77F), and now -5C (24F). Only in Canada people, only in Canada... (or are there parts of US that are crazy like that?!)

One got crushed, as in stepped on, most likely by me or my bike. Must put up some sort of barrier or fence around.

Are you excited to see your tulips bloom?! How tall are they now if you have some?

Thanks for reading, have a great week everyone!

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  1. I love tulips! Yours are gonna be so pretty! Guess what?! I chose you as one of my recipients for the Liebster Blog Award!!! You can see the post here:'t that exciting?

  2. I love tulips too! If you get a chance I'd love to have you link them up at Thanks for sharing!

  3. I hope your tulips turn out as beautiful as the ones at the festival :) Thanks for linking up to the Cutesy Monday link party!


  4. Our tulips are blooming too! They are absolutely gorgeous! I love tulips! Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. Tulips are so fun to wait and see them pop up. Yes we have crazy weather too and you really should go see those tulips in Ottawa- lol!

  6. I love tulips! I love how low maintenance they are too. Thanks for sharing at Terrific Tuesdays.

  7. I can't wait to see the pictures after they bloom! Thanks for sharing!

    Take care,


  8. Hey Genevieve! Nice to meet you. I am following you back! You don't know how much I miss Le Festival des Tulipes! Cheers,


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