Spring Mantle

Before I get on with showing you my spring mantle, I want to let you know that I'm gonna be trying something on my Facebook page for the next few weeks. There will be an album to share my week/weekend going-ons, just little sneak peak of what I'm working on, some updates, and behind the scenes. I know I don't post often, so maybe this way I'll have more to share. It won't be as "official" as my blog, though, but more casual.

You can check out the first weekend here. (You don't need a Facebook account to view by the way!) I have updates on my mini rosebush I bought for Valentine's Day, and I show you how my tulips are growing (I'm so excited about that! but it's slow...). PLEASE let me know what you think about this idea of mine (like, dislike, don't care, whatever)!

Alright, so on with the subject of today: my spring mantle!

I already showed you a sneak peek of my mantle (or as I called it bantle because it's actually on top of a small bookshelf...) last week when I showed my Bunny Family Portrait, but I promised I would give you more and better pictures. So here they are!

What a difference sunlight makes, right?! Sadly, I can only take these kinds of pictures between 10 and noon when it's sunny. That's the only time I get direct sunlight into my living room because of the tall buildings surrounding us, and because we are on the first floor. And when it's not sunny, well you get pictures like the ones from last post.

If you didn't check out my tutorial for my Bunny Family Portrait, then you can do so here.

This portrait is not going anywhere yet! I love it too much, and haven't had it up very long at all, I still want to enjoy it.

The yellow vase I made the same way as I did my turquoise vase for my bedroom, and my Valentine's vase. That is I poured craft paint and swished it around, drained the excess and let dry.

This is the last time I do this technique! I've tried so many times to get it right, and now I'm just realizing that it's not meant to be. I had a lot of paint at the bottom after the first day with this vase, so I thought I'd just spread it out on the sides once again to thin it out so it dries quicker. Only thing is that made the paint bubble... and it wasn't really pretty.

So I started over again with less paint, and draining it a lot of excess paint. Then when I put the branches in, it scratched the bottom, as you can see bellow. Just keeping it real. Doesn't show that much, but it's a bummer none the less. If I were to try it again I'd go with enamel paint.

When I saw these grass tiles at the Dollarama, I thought they'd be perfect to add a bit of green to my mantle! Only problem is that the vase and the tulips were not really stable on it and kept toppling over. So I had to put that coaster under the vase.

The branches that are in the vase are also from Dollarama (ok pretty much everything I use here is from there- I'm cheap and on a student budget, what can I do?!).

I couldn't resist getting all 5 colors (there was also green, but I didn't like it); each branch has its own egg color, but the buds are multicolored.

I'll share with you how I made/painted the wooden tulips later in the week, so check back soon!

I also painted a paint stir stick to rest the tulips on so they wouldn't topple over.

The cute little bunnies I got in 2 packs at the Dollarama. Aren't they cute?

A couple of them let me take a little photoshoot of them hehe.

This little guy was very eager to please.

This little gal on the other hand was a little camera shy.

And lastly, I made these flower balls to finish the look.

To be honest, they are a little bit of a pain in the butt to make. I'll share with you the full tutorial soon too, once I actually finish all the balls I wanted to make. I've got 5 I wanted to make, but all that punching has made me get a blister on my finger, so I'm giving it a rest. Only 1 more to go, though! Maybe I'll just use my left hand to finish the last one... This project has taken a LONG time!

Can you tell I love color?! Everything about my mantle is colorful :D

So there you have, my spring mantle. Let me know what you think in the comments :D

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  1. I LOVE IT! from the vase to that gorgeous bunny family portrait (which is my favorite) all the way to the cutie rabbits! i love it, gen. it looks great. i would definitely keep the bunny portrait up longer, so cute and clever. ahh you're so talented!

  2. Lovely! I have been thinking of how to decorate since I took down all the Easter decor. This is so cute. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  3. Hey, We just love this!! So cute! I just wanted to let you know that you were featured at our Naturally-Nifty Party yesterday!! Stop by and grab a featured button to brag with!! Thanks for linking up!

    Also don't forget to link up this week!



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