Organized Cleaning Supplies: Check!

What's better than organizing? Getting to do it with pretty little baskets, of course! Or is that just me? Haha!

At the beginning of the month, I got these really colourful baskets at Michael's. I'd been eyeing them for a few months but didn't want to dish out 25$ a pop on them, but when they became 70%, I just HAD to get them! And I used a 20% off coupon, so I actually got them for 75% off!! Doesn't get much better than that, right? (Well actually it does, got my laundry shelve baskets for 80% off... But that's not the point.)

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I didn't know quite what I wanted to do with them when I bought them, but after a couple of days of thinking, I decided to put them to work in my big closet to keep my cleaning supplies all neat and tidy and contained.

See, I don't have much storage space, so pretty much everything that needs a home has to fit into this big closet. It's not even a real closet, it's just a big hole in the wall that measures 35"x35", and I have a curtain as a door...

Sorry about the horrible picture, this is the best I could photoshop it.

I know, it's kinda odd, but at least you don't see the organized mess I have going on in there...

Alright, let's zoom into the problem area (for today). It's that bottom shelf with all the cleaning supplies.

I think the fact that almost all my cleaning stuff fits on one shelf is pretty amazing. I must say I wish I had a closet that I could dedicate to cleaning stuff, but as it is, I don't.

So let's get started. First thing's first, I had to make sure I could fit both baskets side by side next to the buckets. Check!

In the first basket, I put my little vacuum (I don't even have a normal size vacuum actually...) and all it's attachments. That way when the boyfriend (or I) wants to use it, he can just pull out the basket take it with him and have everything he needs. And hopefully he'll feel compelled to put it back in its spot (not yet tested).

In the other basket, I wanted to put all my rags, microfiber cloths, shamwows, etc. All neatly folded so you can see everything and not just have them stacked one on top of the other, I really love this way of organizing!

But then that meant all the actually cleaning products didn't have a home. Not that I have much. All bathroom cleaning products are under the bathroom sink, and laundry stuff in my laundry shelving unit. Basically I store stuff where I use them.. I think that's the best organizing advice I can give anyone!

So all I have here is all-purpose cleaner, CLR (which I actually rarely use and was a hand-me-down from our old roommate but I don't have the heart to throw it out just yet) and shoe protector (cuz I didn't know where else to put it). I threw out the Lysol spray(other hand-me down, and I've never in my life used it). The rest is an empty bottle that I'm keeping for homemade stuff. And my mop head.

So I thought out the box, and noticed that there was a lot of space still on top of those rags. With a little rearranging and an other small basket, I had found my solution: a basket within a basket! Genius, right?

I've got all the small rags and microfiber cloths in that smaller basket on top of the bigger towel-rags and shamwows on the bottom, easily accessible by removing the small basket. And the space I freed up is for my cleaning products.

The shelves in this closet are pretty deep, 16 inches deep, so I've got space for backup/bulk supplies behind the baskets.

And just like that, my cleaning supplies are all organized, easily accessible, and in pretty pretty baskets that make my heart dance when I open that curtain and see them.

I think it is safe to take those tags off now, don't you?

Now what to do about those other shelves, especially the one right above the cleaning supplies shelf, I've gotta do something about that!

Have you found some cute baskets at a discount price lately? Or have you gotten your organization on? I hope I gave you a little motivation for that, and some creative ideas to utilize the space you have to its full potential!

And if you'd like to see it in action, check out this post. I can easily fit 30 hangers on there, if there's more which has happened then it takes longer to dry is all. Thanks for reading, until next time!

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  1. Love the totes also! You're organization is inspirational...I need to declutter also!

  2. Great job! I have lived in small spaces too and I know how difficult it can be. I did not have a standard size vacuum until I had been married for 5 years. Great job with the organization. xoxo

  3. Great job! I love the colors of the totes! Found you through a linky party and excited to be following you now! :)

  4. When are you coming over to organize my supplies??

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!


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