I've been wanting to make a page about blogging information I come accross on the web and other blogs, as a reference for me, and a resource for you! If you got any particular area which you would like more info on, just let me know! Or if there is a particular series or article you think is interesting, send it my way, I will add it to the list.

Great blogs with tons of resources:
Blogging With Amy

On Blogging (General- anyone who reads blogs):

On Blogging (For Blog Owners):

10 Tips for New Bloggers from Kate at Centsational Girl
10 Blog Layout Tips at A Beautiful Mess

Starting a Blog:

Social Media:

Digital Art Resource

I'm always scouring the internet for free digital art to use, so that when inspiration strikes I have a slew of material at my disposal for whatever strikes my fancy. I don't do much with it, which is why I've stuck to free stuff only. I've amassed a lot of free digital art over time, some I've pinned on my Digital Art Pinterest board, but I keep track of what I have and where I got in from in a OneNote Notebook. I've used some here on the blog (fonts, backgrounds, paintbrushes, etc), and I wanted to give proper credit to those, so here is the full resource for those free digital art stuffs I've used on the blog.

Fonts (click on image to go to download page)

from Kevin and Amanda Fonts for Peas
used for blog design

Used in 31 Days series

Used in 31 Days series

Used in 31 Days series

for PSA in footer

for PSA in footer

Photoshop Paintbrushes


Not free, but I used this scrapbook kit from Just So Scrappy, Tweet Tweet, for my blog design. I love everything she does and it is really cheap!

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