The perfect Sidekick organizer and other organization ideas

I've been trying to organize my apartment for the last month, but to be honest little progress has been made. Why? Because I'm kinda lazy... What!? At least I'm honest! Also I've had exams and presentations on top of my lab work.

The reason why I want to organize, other than the fact that I HATE looking for things, is because I also hate clutter and mess. Living in an apartment, we don't have that much storage space. And maybe, just maybe, we have too much stuff, but then again maybe not ;)

We are lucky enough to have a pantry where we keep all our food (that don't go in the fridge), minus the peanut butter and nutella, that is kept close to the toaster for quick grabbing in the mornings, and in progress cereal. The pantry needs MAJOR organization. I mean, sure I organize it on a monthly basis (or bi-monthly), put the likes together, making sure nothing is going to fall, but they never stay where I put them. We accumulate all the time, acquire new food (we buy on special, so we get lots of the same thing), things get moved around, and things get messed up.

One of those things that we've been getting a lot of are Sidekicks, and they are a bugger to keep tidy. They don't stack like cans, they fall over if they don't rest on something, etc. So I was planning on getting some sort of container for them, to sit them all in, BUT when I was shopping at the grocery store and went to buy more Sidekicks, I got the perfect idea to organize them. See where this is going? No?

Well, I noticed that the Sidekicks were already well organized on the display shelf, that they had their own little display cardboard box. And because they were on sale and flying off the shelf there were a few empty ones. And BAM, moment of genius, I could just take those cardboard boxes home with me! And I did!

It's even already labelled! My only regret is only taking one, though they all fit in that one, but if I get more then those won't. Maybe that also mean I should use up the ones I already have.

Fits nicely, don't you think?, so much more accessible. Maybe the reason why I didn't use them up before was because I couldn't SEE them (they were at the back). Now they are quite evident and I can easily look through them to get the one I want, without fearing that I mess up my tidiness.

Remember when I said my pantry was a mess, well look:

I couldn't just leave it at that now could I? So I did a little reorganization.

Much better! Now I can see where everything is. For the moment being. Until I have to start ALL over again. I really need a better system. Sure I regroup the likes together, but I want more containers to keep everything tidy. I've just been drooling at all the pantry makeovers that are posted in link parties. Sigh, an other day...

I'm really wondering what other type of cardboard containers I could find in the grocery store now. I'm not saying take out all the Sidekicks (or whatever else) from the box and take the box, but if it's empty and just sitting there, why not?!

My motivation to organize my apartment came from the 31 days to cheaply organize your home at Organizing Made Fun. There were some great ideas given there.

Mid-October, I started amassing every type of container and cardboard box I could find. Here's my stash:

I got some yogourt containers, big and small, coffee containers, granola boxes, mushroom containers, toilet paper rolls, coffee cups from McDo, kleenex boxes, soup and pasta cans, etc.

The only thing I've really found a use for at the moment is one of the McDo coffee cups. I think they are kinda cute, and they have the best spout! Last week, McDonald's was giving away free small coffee, and we took advantage of that. I do believe McDo makes the best coffee!!

So I used it to keep my bf's wart treating kit in, since they are not things that can stand on their own. There's a falcon tube (that's a lab tube for those not in the bizz, 15ml, with a pointy tip so it can't stand on its own) with apple-cider vinegar (home remedy to treat warts if you are interested, along with hydrogen peroxide), plastic transfer pipette (or dropper google translate tells me), medical tape, and not pictured, prescription acetic acid.

I have some plans for the other containers. Especially for the little yogourt cups! You will have to wait and see, but maybe you can guess?


I have also been working on a craft. Its progress is quite slow because, once again, I chose the cheapest and therefore most time consuming method of approaching it. I will give you a little preview today though, because I love previews!

I am painting all these skewers individually, with a brush. 3 times. Maybe 4 because I still don't think it's got complete coverage (doesn't really show in the picture, or when you look closely, but from far it does, which is really weird...).

Until next time! Thanks for reading!

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  1. kudos to you for having an organized pantry.
    Would luv for my readers to discover your blog, will you please join our weekly party at
    have a great crafting week!

  2. What a perfect organizer. I love how it's labelled already. If you find some that are not you can always cover them in pretty contact paper. I am a new follower from Family Ever After. Vicky from Mess For Less

  3. Hi Gen, your pantry looks great now and what a wonderful idea. I have been keeping mine in a long cardboard box which I picked up from work. It does the trick. Thanks for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  4. Great idea! I do the same thing with my kids snacks...those boxes make great organizers.

  5. So jealous of your pantry space!
    Thanks again for partying with us at Show & Share!

  6. What time can I expect you at my house to help organize? ;) wink wink
    I'd love you to link up with us.

  7. Ok, I am feeling motivated to finish organizing my pantry. Thanks for the great tips.


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