Freeze for later and save money

When we went shopping this weekend for food, leeks were on special 3.99 for 6 BIG leeks! I LOVE creme of leek soup, but I don't yet own a blender :( I did, however, receive money for my birthday last week, which I plan on spending on a blender and some crafts stuff.

So, thinking ahead, I decided to buy the leeks and freeze them, so that I would have some later when I buy my blender! It's a great solution for when you want to save money on fruits and veggies but don't necessarily plan on eating them right away. All you need to do is:


Buy on sale. I got 6 leeks for 3.99$!!

Prepare. In this case, rinse and cut those leeks up! This is the first time I keep so much of the greener upper parts, we'll see how it turns out.

Pack'em up into bags. I had 6 leeks, so put 2 cut up leeks into each bag.

And put'em in the freezer! I'm lucky enough to have a second small freezer, even if we do have a small apartment. So I'm planning on buying only on sale and freezing for later.

Here's a recap, not that you need it, but I was playing around with photoshop...

The recipe will make about 6 big bowls of soup. I will post that recipe when I make my soup next time! Hope you enjoyed this quick how-to!

I've got a few projects started up, but haven't had time to finished them, and I don't know how long it will be until I put them up on my blog. I seriously admire all you women who can hold up a blog, post multiple times a week, and still be a mom and wife. I've got so much to learn!

If anyone actually reads this, I would love feedback. I'm only getting started blogging, and I feel like a newbie. My pictures are crap leave something to be desired, but I really don't know what more to do, I have barely any lighting in my apartment on a sunny day, and do most of everything at night anyway, so I have no choice but to use the flash. Not to mention my camera sucks. I've tried photoshopping them a little, but yeah. I'll probably get better with time.

Also, I've tried to finish my pictures up a little more, I don't know if that makes it too busy or what. And I realize the font there might not be all that readable. I have to find a font I like. All in due time.

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  1. Wow! I had no idea you could freeze fresh vegies in this way.


  2. I think your blog is great! I just happened across it and salute you for endeavoring to start one. You've done great projects, and have started a blog to boot. Hats off! :)

    p.s. It was the scrapbook paper drawer front DIY that led me to your blog, and I plan to do it! Thanks for the great idea! :)


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