Halloween Wobbly Pals

Finally done my presentation for one of my classes, which means I can concentrate on crafts and painting and organizing! Woohoo! For about half a second because I also have a midterm in 2 weeks, bleh.

Today I come to you with a project I got from the Dollarama. It was all pre cut, I just had to assemble it. But I thought I could trace the pieces and provide a pattern for those who would have the material on hand already!

Please bear with me for the pictures. I'm still trying to figure out how to get the best pictures. I almost always need a flash, but then the pictures are very bright. If I don't use the flash, then most of the time it's blurry. Those times that it isn't, well the pictures are yellow. There just is no in between! I have HORRIBLE lighting in my apartment, and I take my pictures in the evenings most of the time anyway. If you have any tips and suggestions, please past them on! This gal needs it! Moving on...

Before, let me show you these cute little Halloween wobbly pals of mine!

You'll need:
- black, green, orange, white, purple, yellow, grey foam sheets
- white and green pipe cleaners
- large sized googly eyes
- tooth picks (for ghost lollipops)
- yellow yarn (for witch hair)

Files with the patterns can be downloaded here:

Now, I dunno if you can get extra thick foam sheets, for the base and for the legs. If not, then just cut out a few of the same shape and glue them together, that should do the trick.

Here are the instructions. I made A LOT of mistakes along the way, and burned my fingers a few times. Dollar items don't give great instructions. So hopefully if you make them too, then you can learn from my mistakes ;) I did the ghost first, Frankenstein 2nd, and witch 3rd, so I took pics of the last one I did. Also, I don't know if using a glue gun was the best idea for this.

1. Glue body piece together. Try not to burn your fingers! This might be intuitive, but I'll put it out there. Do your best to glue the edges equal distance from each other, so they overlap as much at the top as at the bottom. Because of the shape, they tend to want to overlap more at the bottom.

2. Glue the head pieces together, based on image.

Tips for the witch, don't do a continuous streak of hot glue and then put your hair on. By the end, the glue was dry. (Also after taking this picture... lol)

Also, test out the placement of your hair, and the length before starting. I had to cut my bangs because they covered the eyes, Wish I had more yarn to have a fuller set of hair for my witch.

Ah! Much better!

3. Glue hands to arms. Glue embelishments to hands. (Like lighting bolt for Frankie, and lollipops to ghost)

4. Assemble the legs.

String the leg pieces on the pipe cleaner.

Make holes with the pipecleaners into the base. It's strong enough to balance the little guys.

Glue the pipecleaner/legs to the body. Glue it to the FRONT of the body. Or else it topples.

You can see it popping out the top of the body here.

5. Slide in the arms.

6. Glue the head to the BODY. DO NOT glue to arms, or else you get this (as demonstrated with the ghost, the first one I did), and it falls on its back:

Ghost close-ups:

I would consider only having one side of the pumpkin bag, don't know if the backside really makes much of a difference.

Also, I did a horrible job with the dots on the lollipop :(

And this is where this little guy goes, on my entrance way table, along with a couple other decorations. That skull light I got at the Dollarama also.

Frankie details:

I got the witch pal on my nightstand, and Frankie on my bf's nightstand.

And once more, all 3 together, one last time, before they take their respective spots.

Hope everyone's having a great weekend!

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  1. I can't get over how adorable these little fellows are! Found you through Crafty scrappy happy's linky party! Happy Halloweenie...thanks for sharing!


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