Apartment Tour: Moved In

When I started this blog in September, I had a few motivations.

One. We had just moved into our very own apartment, one which I planned on making home for the next few years as we finished our studies.

Two. I needed a new hobby. I wanted to come home and have something stimulating to do when my boyfriend was busy studying.

Three. I needed something to keep me from being lazy and be motivated instead. I'm a very lazy person by nature, and a HUGE procrastinator. Even with goals I often don't get much done. With none I get nothing done.

And so this blog was born! But now I think I need to put myself more on track with making our apartment a home, cuz I got sidetracked with crafts during the holidays.

Now, it's already much better than the last place we lived. Painted walls make a place seem more like home, no? And also curtains. Curtains are pretty awesome (thank you grand-ma!). And plants, got myself a few plants now! And... well ok there's a lot that goes into making a house a home.

Everywhere I look in the apartment I see something that needs to be done. Maybe some of those things aren't really blog worthy, though, like repainting or deep cleaning, but they need to be done!

I've started to go through the apartment room by room and list everything I want to do (the list is lengthy, I must say). I've also started crossing off some projects!!

For now, though, I will show you what our apartment looked like when we first moved in, as a basis of comparison and to document the evolution of this apartment, like I originally wanted.

Please don't mind the flash pictures, these were taken before I knew flash pictures were a bad thing for a blog.

Here's a floor plan of our apartment. I measured out each room and closet and made this floor plan, because I like it, so this is actually to scale!

So with that, onto the apartment tour!


You can see in this picture how the counters are actually quite low, much lower than the stove. Now I know how a tall person feels on a normal height counter, ha!!

LOVE having laundry machines, definetely THE best thing about this apartment.

The lighting is the kitchen is REALLY bad. I installed the neon light over the sink the weekend after we moved in. Then a month later it stopped working and I wasn't able to change it for a few months. It was HARD living without it, it really makes washing dishes easier!

Not only are the kitchen counters lower than normal, but the cabinets are also higher than normal. I got myself a little stool there on the floor, which I use a lot because of that. I am 5 feet tall, I cannot reach even the second shelf without it.

One of my first projects I wrote about on the blog was the handpainted chandelier stencil on this wall here over the table.

Our balcony is off the kitchen. We go in and out this door when it's not winter/ not too cold. Our bikes are locked in the yard just there so it makes more sense for us.


What can I say? It's a bathroom… a small one. But there is a cabinet under the sink! If you haven't guessed, the tub is on the other side...


I really like having a proper entryway, as oppose to just arriving in the living room. This door doesn't get used much when it's not winter, but still.

The closet we have here is just a big hole in the wall, no door, at least there are curtains...

We also have a coat closet and a pantry just off the entryway, but I didn't take any pictures. You can see them in the floor plan. Here, I'll show you it again! (What?! I worked hard on it!)


Living Room/ Computer Room

We don't own a TV, so having a living room is kinda pointless right now. Besides, we are students, we spend our time in front of the computers anyway. So they take up the majority of the space in the room.

We have an extra desk by the window (right beside my bf's desk) that I am now using as a crafts/sewing desk. I realize now that I never took an actual before picture of that wall... you can only see it in the corners of the pictures.

All in all I really do love this apartment. It's really cozy and homey. It's not that big, but that's fine. Some apartments we visited were really spacious, but I think too spacious, would've been lots of empty space. None of them felt like home until we walked through the door of this apartment.

The only thing that could make us a lot happier would be if we got more light. It's a really dark apartment. Even on a beautiful sunny day I need to turn on the light in the kitchen. Can't have it all, can you?

So that wraps it up! Thanks for being patient with me as I come back from my hiatus and get into the swing of things again!

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