Day 13: Organic Linens

While yesterday I covered organic food, there is also organic non-edibles to consider. For much of the same reasons as food, such as chemicals and sustainable soil, organic cotton can be grown and used in the making of many organic linens and provide a greener alternative.

I'm not gonna be covering organic, or natural, body products, because I've seen too much evidence to refute the authenticity of those claims. This includes organic shampoos, body washes, even diapers, where the company has an "organic" product, but has the same ingredients listed as the non-organic counterpart. So yeah, I'm still very skeptical. It was this video/episode of The Marketplace that started it for me (I have no idea if Americans will be able to see the video... It's from a Canadian website).

Though there is still some controversy surrounding organic, both edible and non-edible, and you should definitely look it up for yourselves and make up your own mind about it, I'm still gonna put out there the different options, even if only quickly. I think there are some organic linens, but that you have to be careful because they might not all truly be organic.

These options can be more expensive, so you should do your own research. I'm really not an expert in this matter, at all.

Organic Bedsheets

via Target

Organic Pillows

via West Elm

Organic Mattresses and Matress Pads

via Target

Organic Towels

via Gaiam

Includes bath towels, hand towels, washcloths, dish towels, etc.

Organic Crib Linens and Matresses

via Target

Organic Comforter

via West Elm

So are you convinced or unconvinced about organic? Or are you still making up your mind?

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  1. Everytime I used to bath there used to red rashes when I soak my body in towel and sometime even colour started to come out while using hand towels. Then my mother suggested me to go buy hand towels online in India, these are the best that she has been using since last 3 years and they only soak water and doesn't bring out colour.


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