Day 16: The Greener Sustainable Linky Party: Arts Crafts DIY Edition

The day has come! The linky party is here! I'm super excited to be hosting this, my very first linky party!

I'm thinking about maybe making it a monthly thing in the future, after this series, depending on how much participation there is for these first 2. Would you like that, would you come link up??

Before we get on the party, I just want to show you a few examples I've found around blogland for repurposed items made into arts, crafts or DIY projects.

Repurposed glass jars to vases from Happy Clippings

Wine Bottle Chime from Designs by C.D. Childs

via Walla Gardens
Would look so awesome if the tires were painted in multiple colors! I think I just got an idea!

Ombre Cassette Tape Art from Sarah SaturDIY

Newspaper Basket from How About Orange

Wine Cork Bath Mat from Crafty Nest

Also, you can repurpose items to make crafts. Like this styrofoam dish which I use as a paint pallet, or yogourt cups to rinse my brushes in or mix paint in.

Just before commencing, I'm looking for others to co-host my next party, the one at the end of the series, with me! I just want to spread the word as much as possible that there is a greener way of living, and to encourage others to make the effort, so I'd really like to reach as many as possible! It would really mean so much to me if you would co-host with me! It'll be on the Wednesday, October 31st, starting in the evening. If you're interested, or want to know more, shoot me an email!

Alright, so now onto the party. The only rule is to stay within the theme, which is repurposed items made into arts, crafts or DIYed projects. The point is to show what you can make out of things that would have otherwise ended up in the dump, or sent to recycling!! I'll let you be the judge, but if something is way off topic I will have to delete it. You may add anything that is upcycled no matter how old it is!

I encourage you to visit other links, get inspired, and share the love!

Thank you for linking up!! And for living the greener way!

I party at these parties.


  1. Thanks for hosting, Gen! I linked up and am following along :)

  2. Thanks for hosting! And, congrats on the new linky party. I have a few re-purposing projects on my site. I shared my recent Pot Rack. Have a wonderful week!

  3. What a great link party. Hopefully it will inspire people to create out of what they have or reuse with a better purpose.

  4. I'm sure it will be super successful. I placed your party button in my sidebar.

  5. Yes...I would link up again for sure! :) Congrats on your first! I am heading over to your FB page! :)


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