Day 14: Reusing to Organize

Remember when I started the series, I said that reusing what you already have is the best way to be green? Well today I'm showing how you can reuse things to organize, and keep said items out of the trash and recycling bins! Best of all, organizing with repurposed items is completely free, and saves you your sanity (well it does mine!).

I also want to take the time to remind you all of the linky party tomorrow (it'll be in the evening). This is the kind of stuff you can link up: basically anything that you've repurposed to make pretty and/or useful!! Doesn't have to be for organizing, it can be for crafts, art, DIY, anything!

Without further ado, here are some repurposed items used for organizing!

Tin Cans

To organize pens, pencils, paintbrushes, etc. I've got a bunch of these, separated all my markers and pencils and scissors in them, but I've yet to add some pretty paper to them, ha!


Coffee Cans

Use coffee cans in the same way for bigger items like punches and ink pads. You're not limited to scrapbook paper, you can also use twine to make them pretty!

viaSimply Kierste

Cardboard boxes

I save just about every size boxes for organizing. Especially printing paper boxes, cuz they have a lid, so are super useful. Here I've covered one with wrapping paper (not the prettiest one, though...) and I'm keeping big craft supplies in it.

I'm still waiting for that perfect size box to go beside that one on the middle shelf. Or something else.

You can also cover up some cardboard boxes with fabric for even prettier storage:

via iHeart Organizing

Glass Jars (baby food jars, Ball jars etc)

For organizing your pantry (like bulk food which we discussed last week)

viaThe Kitchn

Or your craft supplies:

via Crafty Nest

Yogourt Cups

Here's one of mine: repurposed yogourt cups to organize office supplies!

Egg Cartons


Plastic Bottles and Containers

Here an old baby lotion bottle is turned into a charging station, so brilliant!!

fromMake It and Love It

Maybe your husband (or yourself) can find this useful in the garage, to organize screws and such:

viaFamily Handyman


And a few more unusual repurposed items, like this tic-tac box for organizing ribbons:

via Instructables

Old CD case to organize acrylic stamps! I have a ton of these I don't know what to do with, but don't wan to throw out!

via Craftaholics Anonymous

There is a lot more you can do with all sorts of containers and materials, you are only limited by your imagination! I'd love to see what you've come up with, please come link up your own repurposed projects at the linky party!!

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